Renting an apartment in Sendai, Miyagi, Japan

To rent an apartment in Sendai, you may go to Realotor to find it and to make a rental contract. If you find a good apartment at realtor, you might ask for free tour to it. When you decide which one to take, you might apply to the landlaw through the realtor.
Here's what it takes.

Guarantor or Guarantor system*
Shikikin(Safety deposit): 2-3 month
Rento for a comming month: 1 month
Realtor's fee: 1 month

*Guarantor System
If you do not have someone to be a guarantor, there is a service so called guarantor system. With some


Sendai ShareHouse

No Shikikin
No Key Money
No GUarantor
Short term


Part of the Earth is Sold

Learnning in Sendai?

Many students from all over the world visits Sendai. If you are comming to stay for a year or two, let us assist you to find an apartment in Sendai City.

Access to Sendai

from Tokyo to Sendai
aprox. 2 hours on Shinkansen.

from Osaka to Sendai
aprox. 1.5 hours on Airplane

from Fukuoka to Sendai
aprox. 2hours

from Sapporo to Sendai
aprox 1 hour