Bilingual Real Estate Broker in Sendai, Miyagi,Japan

Daimaru Trading Co., Ltd.
22, Higashi-7-bancho, Wakabayashi-ku, Sendai,
Miyagi 984-0074 Japan


Sendai Chamber of commerce
Miyagi Real Estate Agent Association (MIYATAKKEN)

Daimaru Collection

Sendai ShareHouse

No Shikikin
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Learnning in Sendai?

Many students from all over the world visits Sendai. If you are comming to stay for a year or two, let us assist you to find an apartment in Sendai City.

Access to Sendai

from Tokyo to Sendai
aprox. 2 hours on Shinkansen.

from Osaka to Sendai
aprox. 1.5 hours on Airplane

from Fukuoka to Sendai
aprox. 2hours

from Sapporo to Sendai
aprox 1 hour